We are addressing an ever growing need for continued improvement in quality of patient care.  Our services will prepare your technologists to perform to their full potential.



The first comprehensive program of its kind, MammoCheck™ contains over 200 quality evaluation checkpoints that focus on the performance of technologists.  This continuing quality improvement process provides individual as well as departmental performance outcomes calculated from collected data.

Technologist Training

We have trained more technologists entering the field of mammography than anyone else in the world.  Our programs are customized to the individual needs of your technologists using our combined experience of 80 years in mammography service and education.

Facility Accreditation Assistance

Since 1996, we boast a 100% success rate for the facilities we assist through the FDA Accreditation process.  Let our years of experience work for you in assuring successful performance for Accreditation requirements and beyond.

Clinical Image Improvement Workshops

Our workshops have assisted countless technologists not only in the United States, but all over the world.   Since 1980 we have perfected a winning approach which combines detailed instruction with hands-on demonstration.   Our workshops assist technologists new to the field of mammography or experienced technologists who need to strengthen and improve techniques.

Continuing Education

Our library of educational lectures includes more than 100 hours of mammography training lectures including Initial Training, Digital Imaging, Tomosynthesis, Clinical Image Evaluation, Quality Management and many more.  Contact us for customized lectures at your facility.


International Consulting

Since 1986, we have been privileged to have assisted the following countries with mammography services.

American Samoa
Puerto Rico
Trinidad & Tobago
Virgin Islands

MQM is proud to be a participant in the advancement of breast health education and mammography training with the following organizations:  


Over the past several decades the delivery of mammography services has evolved challenging the technologist to keep pace with the information environment of a digital world.  Since 1980 we have been empowering technologists through premium education and training as they address the ever-growing demand to improve patient care and satisfaction.